Paper-based case files that should be managed via case management software

Iken for Case Management

Our clients tell us that one of the biggest challenges they face is delivering a quality service to meet ever-increasing customer demands without increasing resource.

Iken Case Management software has been chosen by more in-house legal teams than any other solution, and is also gaining popularity with private practices, because it frees busy legal teams from background tasks so that they can concentrate on client care and excellence.

"With Iken, complete electronic case files are in a central electronic location and accessible to everyone working on them. Together with the other efficiencies Iken delivers, this has greatly improved productivity – in some areas by as much as 25%. Because Iken ensures we've always got access to the latest information, we can update clients in seconds. They hugely appreciate this, and as a result our client satisfaction ratings have increased by 50%!”

David Bibey, Practice Manager, Northampton Borough Council

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Iken software has helped many pressurised teams to get through heavy workloads whilst improving client care, managing risk and reducing stress. Contact us to find out how Iken can help with your particular business challenges or to arrange a demonstration.


In the meantime, why not have a look at our case studies to find out how other organisations have benefitted from Iken solutions.



In the annual SOCITM Application Index, Iken’s Case Management products scored the highest for technical support, after-sales and communication.

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"Iken has given us about a 10% efficiency increase due to the fact that people can automatically save all their documents and emails in one place."

Frank Cain,
Head of Legal Services and Deputy Monitoring Officer, Wiltshire Council